Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Month of Firsts

Month 9 has come and gone, leaving behind many memories of firsts: first teeth, first time pulling up to standing in the crib, first time arching his back in full out defiance...all amazing feats in their own right. I love the way he observes new things-picking them up, shaking them, tasting them, seeing if they come apart, and banging them on different surfaces. At times, I think of him as my little scientist, trying to unlock the mysteries of his universe.

Things I don't love-my little perfect, smily guy is gaining autonomy. Yes, that is a good thing, but as he starts to realize that he has free will, he has started expressing opinions-sometimes very loudly. Just two days ago, he was holding the remote control and when I tried to pull a bait and switch, he caught on to me, arched his back, and hurled himself backward onto the carpet. His parents are both stubborn, so there's no way he avoid that gene, I'm afraid.

Austin's mom and stepdad have been staying with us for the past few days. They are planning to move to Kerrville soon. That will mean Reid has 3 sets of awesome grandmas and grandpas to watch him as he continues to have more and more firsts. My little man will have his first Halloween in a few short weeks, then first birthday, then first steps, then...
Favorite pics from the 9th month

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